Meditation can transform your life

There are many changes occurring in the world today and some of the changes can be perceived by many as stressful. In our fast-paced environments, meditation can help transform stress into peace and assist us in coping with various life issues.

The labyrinth is one form of meditation... a "walking" meditation. There are many others and we discuss a few of them here. In addition, there are some further explanations of the benefits of meditation, history, and some "how to" recommendations to get you started. Our intent is to offer assistance to those new to the practice of meditation, while giving the more experienced new ways of reaching that peaceful silence within.

The online Classical and Chartres style labyrinths are still here, as they have been since 1999. However, we're in the process of adding more labyrinth styles, offering a variety for your online meditations. Please check back soon to see the new additions.

We intend that our valued cyber visitors like what they see and experience on these new web pages. During the re-creation process, three main art elements emerged in the masthead. They are the universal Peace symbol for obvious reasons, the butterfly for transformation and the Classical labyrinth. We were also led to add hearts. The symbology of the hearts is to move more from our minds and into our hearts with our actions, combining the two for a new transformed human consciousness.

The Green/Sustainable Movement is growing by leaps and bounds and as it should be. More and more people are becoming aware of the need to recycle goods, purchase green/natural products and use forward thinking service companies. In other words, become better stewards of Mother Earth and her abundant resources. We couldn't agree more!

Mother Earth thanks you. Namaste.

PS: For those who are looking for the "old" Labyrinth Online home page with the flying butterfly, please click here.





Celebrate Earth Day Everyday!
Visit to find out more about the environmental
movement and how you can become involved.
PBS aired "Earth Days" on April 19.
Earth Days is also available on DVD through PBS website.

Labyrinths are healing symbols/tools for Mother Earth and humans.
Find a physical walking meditation near you, have a virtual meditation
(as on this website)
or use a fingerboard labyrinth and experience
the peaceful, healing energies the labyrinth has to offer.


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