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Approximate walk time: 20 minutes

One of the most famous labyrinths can be found in Chartres Cathedral in France. During the middle ages, pilgrims walked the labyrinths as part of their spiritual journey. Models based on this 11-circuit labyrinth are rapidly gaining popularity in the United States.

Approximate walk time: 15 minutes

The Classical labyrinth (sometimes referred to as Cretan) can help us to bring our emotional and physical bodies into balance. It is used most widely around the world and has seven "paths" as the human body has seven major "chakras." Chakra, from the Sanskrit word meaning "wheel of light," are centers of power and energy in the human body which channel energy from the cosmos to connect the human energy field with the greater energy of the Universe.

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Designed in 1870 by Sir Gilbert Scott, the labyrinth at the Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity in Ely, England is located under the western tower. An interesting fact about this labyrinth is that the length of its path is equal to the height of the tower, with both being 250 feet.





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