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Labyrinth information

Walk our online labyrinths:
ChartresClassical • Ely
(coming soon)

Labyrinth Bibliography A few labyrinth books covering all sorts of labyrinthine information.

Labyrinth Links and Products Multiple links to labyrinth enthusiasts all over the globe. Some products listed within the descriptions.

Worldwide Labyrinth Locator
A website where you can search posted labyrinths throughout the world and find out directions, view photos, and read specific facts about each labyrinth. You can also upload photos and info about any labyrinths you may wish to register.

General info/history of labyrinths
I'll touch on some basic history facts. However, the focus of this website is the experience of the labyrinth and the gifts it can help manifest. If you wish to know more about the history, all you need to do is search "labyrinth history" in any major search engine and a huge volume of material is available to you. Jeff Saward is probably the leading modern historical authority. His Caerdroia publication and website are loaded with historical facts.

Also, the following three pages on this website give more info on experiencing the labyrinth and meditation practices: Create your own reality , Suggestions for walking a labyrinth and Labyrinth online meditations.

• is a unicursal (one) circuitous path/walk of self discovery
• is a healing symbol in and of itself
• has appeared in all societies around the globe for the past 4000 years or more
• can be found in backyards, parks, health and wellness centers, prisons, and churches
• has been found at ancient sacred sites all over the world

Two most recognizable/used labyrinths worldwide:
Chartres and Classical

The online Ely labyrinth is coming soon,
here's a sneak preview:





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